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4 Social Media Mistakes You Should Never Make

So you want to spice up your social media but don’t know how…

Social media can feel like such a hassle if you don’t know how to optimize your content. You end up taking a thousand mediocre pictures that you can’t even use. It’s so disappointing to look through pictures that don’t do the moment justice. Here at Display Giant we have perfected (through trial and error) capturing quality content in just a few takes. 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Do NOT use the zoom feature on your phone camera in ANY situation. If you want a close up of someone’s face you can use portrait mode.
  2. Try to avoid getting creative with angles. There are only two ways to hold a camera: Horizontal or Vertical. Anything else will distort the image that you are trying to capture.
  3. You can’t force good lighting. If the lighting doesn’t look right try taking the picture from a different direction. Direct sunlight isn’t flattering on anyone. 
  4. Using flash doesn’t always enhance a picture. The intense flash can make a picture look too harsh. If it’s dark try having someone hold up their phone flashlight from different distances and angles to achieve the best looking lighting. 

Display Giant has developed different techniques to help you level up across all social media platforms. If you’re a foodie looking to take mouth watering photos we can help you effectively document your food adventures. If you want to find the best angles to take your selfies we can walk you through the process. If you want your instagram feed to look more cohesive, Display Giant can direct you to the best apps for the results that you want. 

Follow along as Display Giant drops tips and tricks to maximize your display skills no matter what you’re interested in. 

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