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Level Up Your Instagram

So you want to level up your Instagram…

There are thousands of different influencers who seem to have every aspect of their life match perfectly with their Instagram feed. Everything on their profile is the perfect shade and every outfit is on-trend. You’re probably wondering how they built such an aesthetic-looking life.

None of it is real. From the color of their shirt to the color of the wall they’re standing in front of. There are apps that let you create sets of filters so that every post looks like it matches the last. In some cases, you can even buy preset filters from your favorite Instagram influencer so your feed can look exactly like theirs. Some of my favorite Instagram filter apps are VSCO and Color Tone. These apps are user-friendly and make it easy to create a cohesive-looking Instagram. Both apps come with a range of free filters and they also give you the option to buy presets. The only thing you have to do is figure out which filtered look you like.

Instagram influencers also use apps to predict how their feed is going to look. Apps like Preview make it easy to decide whether or not a picture is going to fit on your feed. The first step is to download pictures that you are considering posting. Then the app simulates an Instagram feed so you can see how your pictures would look all together. You can log into your Instagram account from the app so that the existing pictures on your feed will be taken into account. This takes away the guessing game of whether or not a picture will enhance your overall profile. 

There are also apps that allow you to retouch your photos. If there’s something unsightly in the back of a picture you can simply erase it. I’ve taken pictures in front of dirty walls and I was able to erase the dirt making the wall behind me look clean. You can erase power lines, holes, and fix ugly patches of grass. An app that I recommend for background fixes is called Retouch.

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