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Instagram Worthy Food

So you want your foodie pics to look fire on the gram…

Food is something that everyone has in common because we all have to eat. Sharing your food on Instagram or SnapChat has become popular because it’s a flex that applies to anyone. As you start to document your food adventures the #1 rule is: the camera eats first. Whether you like pizza or poke you better not take a bite before you take a picture. 

Documenting your food adventures takes a bit of trial and error because you can never be prepared for restaurant lighting. Restaurants tend to go for a soft lighting that’s cute for romance, but not cute for pictures. Using flash tends to wash out the image and it almost always causes a scene when you’re eating out (especially if you’re snapping more than one picture). Reminder: you’re trying to take a picture not give someone a seizure from all the flash. The less you use flash, the less you’ll disrupt others’ dining experience. 

An alternative for using flash would be using filters provided by SnapChat or Instagram. As you explore the different built-in filter options, I recommend finding 3 filters that fit your personal style. After you find a few filters that you feel good about, the rest is easy. All you have to do is figure out which of your pre-chosen filters will best suit the picture that you’re trying to take. Some of my personal favorite Snapchat filters are Summer by Natalie Suto, Good Times by BRYANT, and Bahamas by BRYANT. I’ve found that using filters makes my SnapChat stories more cohesive. The more cohesive you can be across your social platforms the more you can build your personal brand.

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